City, county headed in right direction

I am writing to all residents in Gloversville’s 3rd Ward to ask for your vote on Election Day, Nov. 5. As your current county supervisor, I work diligently to represent your interests and make our community better. My wife and I raised our family here on Kingsboro Avenue and I want our city to be the best it can be.

During my time on the Board of Supervisors, I have fought for conservative financial principles such as limiting the size of government, holding the line on spending and creating jobs. I believe working cooperatively with other local officials and staying focused on the future are the keys to good government. During my tenure on the Board of Supervisors, we established a shared fuel depot that allows Gloversville and other municipalities to save money for their taxpayers. As chairman of the board in 2004, I spearheaded passage of the “Hornell Plan” that removed the burden of tax foreclosures from city government and improved city revenues. This plan is still in place and provides full payment of property taxes to the city each year to help stabilize the city’s revenue stream. In 2012, at the mayor’s request, I led the push for county legislation to enact a special mixed-use tax exemption to encourage business growth downtown. I have spent many hours advocating with state legislatures for mandate relief to lower property taxes and I have a good working relationship with our senator and assemblyman. All of us know that state mandates must be kept in check in order for our area to prosper.

In 2011, through my sponsorship, the Board of Supervisors implemented three-year budget forecasting to help predict financial trends and avoid dramatic increases. As of 2013, Fulton County government is stable and totally free of debt. We are truly a “pay-as-you-go” county. This year, I serve as chairman of the Economic Development and Environment Committee. As I write this letter, we are launching a series of initiatives aimed at creating new higher-paying jobs for our citizens. One initiative will redevelop the closed Tryon facility into a modern technology park. Other initiatives are centered on attracting large-scale, industrial investment and improving the overall business atmosphere in our area. Our city and county have a bright future and we are headed in the right direction. You can count on me to work hard every day to accomplish these goals.