Car catches fire, explodes at FM

JOHNSTOWN – A car at Fulton-Montgomery Community College caught fire and exploded in the student parking lot Tuesday afternoon damaging three cars in total, college President Dustin Swanger said this morning.

Swanger said video surveillance revealed an unattended Audi was in the lot when its interior began to fill with smoke and eventually combusted.

“There was no one in the car or near the car at the time,” Swanger said. “No one was injured.”

He said officials believe the fire in the Audi was caused by an electrical problem, and the explosion caused two nearby vehicles to catch fire.

Swanger said the Mohawk Volunteer Fire Department arrived to put the fire out and there was no damage to the parking lot as a result of the incident.

“I think it is just blackened. I don’t think it melted the asphalt or anything,” Swanger said.

A representative of the Mohawk Fire Department was unavailable for comment this morning.