Plan for water district still not on tap

JOHNSTOWN – Town officials are still waiting to see the plan for the proposed sewer and water district focused around the new Walmart Supercenter.

Fulton County Planning Director Director James E. Mraz and C.T. Male Managing Engineer Chad Kortz spoke to members of the Town Board during a meeting Monday.

Kortz said both he and Mraz needed to ask some questions before they could start designing the plan – including a map – for the proposed sewer and water district around the new Walmart Supercenter, which is off South Kingsboro Avenue Extension in Gloversville.

The boundaries of the two projects are exactly the same, officials said previously. The rough boundaries include land along Route 67, land east of the existing water district along Route 29, Hales Mills Road, the intersection of Route 30A, southeast along Steele Avenue and eastward along Route 349.

Kortz asked the board members Monday if they would like to install all the water lines for the district at once, or if they would prefer to have them installed as needed.

“If the plan was to do this in phases, and extend water service as it was needed, then that changes the financial plan and model on how this project would be funded,” Kortz said. “It complicates that a little bit.”

Beth Schloicka, a member of the Town?Board, asked if it would ultimately be cheaper to have all the water lines installed initially.

Kortz, former Johnstown city engineer, said yes.

“You are going to loose some economy of scale, certainly,” Kortz said, if the water lines are installed piecemeal.

Mraz also said doing the project all at once would be simplest.

However, no decision was made by the board about when to install the lines, according to board member Daryl Baldwin.

Mraz and Kortz also said there is a sewer line on Hails Mills Road Extension, owned by the state Department of Corrections. Mraz and Kortz are interested in seeing if the line could be used for the new district.

“That way, it would reduce capital cost,” Kortz said.

Kortz said it’s possible the line could be purchased from DOC, but a dialogue would need to be opened between the two agencies.

Town Supervisor Nancy MacVean said she would be willing to go forward with a meeting.

Kortz and Mraz said they would try to schedule one.

Kortz presented the Town Board with a preliminary report and a proposal in August on the new sewer and water district.

Ryan Fagan, the town’s code enforcement officer, said the new sewer and water district would provide the infrastructure needed for further developments around the area.

Many officials in Fulton County have said they expect more development on the land around the Supercenter.

Gloversville and the town already agreed any new commercial developments along Hales Mills Road will have access to city sewer and water service.

Town Supervisor Nancy MacVean and Gloversville Mayor Dayton King co-signed a letter to the roughly 20 town residents who own property there saying they can access water and sewer services.

According to the inter-municipal agreement, Gloversville will charge users of water in the town water district or city permissive-use area a rate of double the in-city rate. There are also cooperation provisions that ask the town to support any grant or loan application filed by the city to obtain funding to construct the water lines on Hales Mills Road Extension, as well as adopting any necessary regulations for safe water services requested by the city.