Helen Martin ready to lead Johnstown

Who is Helen Martin and who does she think she is?

Who does Helen Martin think she is, running for mayor of Johnstown as a Conservative? I’ve known Helen Martin for years and I know quite a lot about her. I know that Helen is not a Democrat and I know that she isn’t 29; let’s just say that she’s, well, more “seasoned” like a good steak with an excellent aged Scotch whiskey.

In September, Helen finished second in the Republican primary; it’s not that Helen couldn’t take a hint, it’s just that she always has a backup plan to get the job done. I carried the Conservative petition to get Helen the Conservative party line for the November general election because I know the kind of person she is: capable, determined, thoughtful, articulate, and best of all, fiscally conservative – just what Johnstown needs during these challenging economic times when there is never enough money to do everything, and accordingly, we’re continually faced with tough choices. Helen won’t promise to be all things for all people, but she will be a sound fiscal manager.

Controlling Johnstown’s city taxes is high on Helen’s “To Do List” if she is elected mayor. I have challenged Helen, and I think that I have convinced her that if she cannot control the city’s tax rate, her first budget cut should be her own salary – Helen should forgo the recent $5,000 salary increase that was granted to Mayor Sarah Slingerland if she fails to control the tax rate. No one seeks this job for the modest salary, but betting her salary on her ability to control the city’s budgetary maelstrom is the measure of this “can do” woman, Helen Martin.

I also second Helen’s position that we should cooperate with Gloversville, but not capitulate to our fiscally challenged neighbor. I was born and grew up in Gloversville before I relocated from Slingerlands to Johnstown. Although I have many fond memories of my hometown, I’m apprehensive about “sharing” our neighbor’s problems. In these troubled times, I believe we have our hands full with our own fiscal challenges and we don’t need one more “man” in our city’s lifeboat.

On Nov. 5, please vote for Helen Martin, a strong woman who is ready to add one more challenge to her agenda.