Treatment of veterans dead wrong

There would not be a budget crisis today if the Senate had done its constitutional duty and passed a budget. The House passed a budget and sent it to the Senate for consideration. However, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid blocked the proposed budget disallowing fellow senators to consider, discuss, debate or rewrite the House budget. In short, any budget submitted by the House was dead on arrival in the Senate with no further action.

Perhaps Sen. Reid is fearful some senators might live up to their oath of office, you know, the one about upholding and defending the Constitution of the United States. Since Sen. Reid is obviously violating his oath and, by doing so, crippling the United States, I hope other senators rise up in protest unless, of course, they don’t care about the Constitution.

This begs a question: Why are we, the people, paying senators when they don’t enforce the Constitution and haven’t done so in years?

Speaking of the Constitutional Oath, President Barack Obama and Sen. Reid have taken aim at veterans, a group of patriotic Americans who did take the oath and who did defend and protect the United States, often at great expense to themselves and their loved ones. President Obama and Sen. Reid, along with the seemingly tacit approval of our two senators from New York state, have shut down most of the Veterans Administration along with veterans’ memorials.

This didn’t happen in previous shutdowns, so the question must be asked, why are President Obama and Democratic senators doing this to our veterans now? I can’t think of a logical reason other than just to be mean and ornery, and to exercise their dictatorial power. An example to boost my hypothesis is the closing of the World War II Memorial. It is costing the administration more to keep the memorial closed than to keep it open. And, by the way, the Washington Mall was opened to immigration reform advocates. This begs another question, why would these leaders want to inflict pain and suffering on veterans? We know that, at one point, President Obama wanted military personnel to pay for their own service-connected medical care, including combat wounds.

Does he really loathe veterans that much? Is this because he himself didn’t serve and now resents those who did?

No matter his reasoning, it is dead wrong.


Macedon, Wayne County