Investigate ‘shutdown’

Last week, a group of World War II and Korean War veterans from Mississippi, having traveled to Washington, D.C., to visit the World War II Monument, were told they could not enter the outdoor facility because of the “government shutdown.” The monument was closed, the National Park Service said.

So the veterans, some in wheelchairs, pushed aside NPS barriers and went ahead onto the monument grounds. By the next day, the NPS had changed its mind. Veterans were being allowed to visit the monument.

But neither they nor anyone else was permitted on the grounds of other monuments, including those honoring Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson. Barricades at the Lincoln and Jefferson memorials were reinforced after the episode at the World War II Monument.

Clearly, President Barack Obama has issued orders intended to inconvenience Americans during the “shutdown.” Doing so scores political points for him.

Once the current dispute is over, White House conduct regarding the “shutdown” should be investigated – by Democrat and Republican lawmakers alike.