Story on war in Guatemala revived memories

With reference to the article published Sept. 30 on Page 5, “U.S. Trial Wraps Up for Guatemalan Soldier,” I was amazed that this war was still under discussion.

My parents and I were there until l954. In fact, my father was a missionary for 25 years to the Mayan Indians. He served the village “Nebaj” which is very similar to “Dos Erres.”

In Nebaj, 200 Mayans were memorialized in the Catholic Church by 200 burning candles on the altar. In early l954, Guatemalan police told my father he should not return to the village because they could no longer promise protection. Most of the victims of the slaughter were Mayan Indians, approximately 200,000 throughout Guatemala. They were slaughtered by the Guatemalan Army, supported by our C.I.A. The details of this war are very well detailed in a book, “The C.I.A. In Guatemala” by Richard H. Immerman, published by University of Texas Press.

I appreciate the publication of this article although it aroused very disturbing memories.


St. Johnsville