New CVS store to open Oct. 27

JOHNSTOWN – Construction of a new CVS Pharmacy is expected to be completed soon at the corner of Routes 29A and 30A, just east of Gloversville.

According to Mike DeAngelis, director of public relations with CVS Pharmacy and Caremark, the store will open Oct. 27.

DeAngelis said the construction hasn’t hit any snags.

“It’s consistent with our schedule for the project,” DeAngelis said.

DeAngelis said the night prior to opening, the CVS Pharmacy on Route 30A in the Gloversville Plaza will close, with all the employees’ positions shifting to the new location. About 20 employees will work at the new pharmacy.

According to DeAngelis, the decision to build anew was based on the sale of the Berkshire Fire Department’s old firehouse. The department sold the location to CVS, which tore down the building and began construction earlier this year. DeAngelis said CVS likes to, whenever possible, move its stores out of strip-mall locations and into self-contained stores.

“They are more convenient and accessible for our customers,” DeAngelis said.

Ernie White, superintendent of the site for contractors Fortney and Weygandt, said construction has been going well, with the interior work expected to be completed soon.

“Maybe a week or so,” White said.

Following the completion of the site, stockers will go in and set up the interior of the building with shelving and promotional items.

Paving of the parking lot is expected to begin Wednesday.

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