Former video store going to the dog biz

GLOVERSVILLE – The former Captain Video store will be turned into a dog grooming business.

The proposal was unanimously approved by the city Planning Board on Tuesday.

Jessica Palloni of Canine Design previously presented her plan to the board to use the former video store, located at 36 Fourth Ave.

No one spoke during the public hearing Tuesday.

Board members previously said Palloni needed to change the layout of an outside dog pen to prevent waste from potentially running down the slope and into the street.

Originally Palloni planned to have the pen alongside the building, near the entrance, but she wasn’t sure how to clean the paved area or prevent runoff.

The board told her to reduce the pen’s size and use green space, where the waste would be absorbed into the soil.

The updated plan showed the pen has been moved to a grassed area on the east side of the property.

Board Member John Castiglione previously raised a concern about the amount of noise dogs would create in a residential area.

But Palloni said the dogs would only be in the pen when they need to relieve themselves, and only dogs from the same household would be in the pen at the same time.

She said when the dogs aren’t outside, they would be placed in a crate inside the building until their owner picked them up.

She said no dogs would be boarded. Most customers would leave their pets there only three to four hours, she said.

The Planning Board also asked for Palloni to have her site plan identify the traffic pattern of the parking lot and include plans for barriers to control how vehicles enter and exit the driveway. They also asked her to identify the available spaces at the site.

In the updated site plan, Palloni indicated she will have a 24-foot wide driveway opening along Yale Street and a chain link blockade would define the opening. She told the board the blockade would consist of two poles placed in buckets of cement with a chain linking them together.

Senior Planner Sean Geraghty asked Palloni to make sure the chain blockade is cleared of snow so it doesn’t disappear once the snow reaches its height.