Tell Republicans in?Congress to grow up

The Leader-Herald’s stand against President Barack Obama and support of Republican lies no longer surprises this reader. I would like to set the record straight.

The Republicans in Washington have succeeded in doing what they sought to do from the start: shut down government as we know it. If they could not eradicate the federal programs that feed the poor, provide their health care, give a head start to disadvantaged children, help seniors pay bills and receive medical help, then why not get rid of the government that pays those bills? What a great idea. Use “Obamacare” as an excuse, with one last chance to convince the voters Obama is from the devil.

So what is wrong with funding health care for our own people? These mean-spirited Republicans vowed, when Obama was first elected, that he would not be allowed to accomplish anything. When he attempted to push real reform in our health-care delivery system, the guts were “compromised” out of the original bill in order to pass what is left of the Affordable Health Care Act. In other words, Obama already negotiated a compromise. What we have left was passed by Congress, and the Supreme Court gave it the go-ahead.

However, Republicans are willing to lie themselves into hell to convince the uninformed that government-supported health care is evil, that in this nation of self-reliant citizens, we can and must fend for ourselves in all things.

Translation: I made it and so should you. Receiving government assistance of any kind is un-American – or, it is better to die of curable ills than to look for help from the American ruling class.

Yet, these aficionados of self-reliance already receive the best possible health insurance, which is paid for by our government, by our taxes. It seems a bit strange these same Republican legislators are more than willing to retire from their cushy government jobs with huge pensions and health care for life. Helping you pay for your insurance is evil, but we can pay their full shot.

It is time to call your congressmen and give them what for. Stop playing with my life while yours is on easy street. Stop jumping up and down like angry toddlers. Grow up and get to work. Start running this county and stop running it into the ground.