Agree with pet letter

I agree with Elissa Rosa from Johnstown. She basically said, “If you cannot afford a pet, don’t get one.”

At the end of August, someone dropped off five dogs on the North Bush Road in the town of Caroga. They left them in a driveway where there was no house. All they had was a blanket and a box. Those poor dogs were running all over the neighborhood looking for food, then returning to where they were dropped off waiting for their owner to pick them up. These poor dogs were so scared that they wouldn’t come to anyone.

Caroga’s animal control officer, Howard Dutcher, caught four of them in the driveway where they were left and the fifth one got in a live trap close to our house in the woods. Afterward, we took food and put it in the trap for him. He was shaking and you could see the fear in his eyes. I hope these people are real proud of themselves for what they did. They don’t deserve to have pets.

These people will get their dues sooner or later for what they did. I just hope it’s sooner.


Caroga Lake