New vendor dishes treats from truck

GLOVERSVILLE – The parents and children of the city are seeing a familiar truck in their neighborhoods now that the Sno Kone Joe vehicle has been leased to another ice cream business, according to a recent vending permit.

Briar Rose, of 103 Kingsboro Ave., now is operating the truck, which garnered national attention after the previous operators were accused of harassing a rival ice cream truck operator.

Rose’s new ice cream business is called Rosie Poo’s Ice Cream Co.

As part of her agreement, the previous operators, Amanda C. Scott and Joshua V. Malatino, are prohibited from being behind the wheel or in the truck, city Police Chief Donald VanDeusen said this week.

“Sno Kone Joe is not back in business,” VanDeusen said. “Rosie Poo’s Ice Cream is in business, leasing a vehicle from Josh Malatino and Amanda Scott. She has given us paperwork, including an affidavit, attesting to the fact she is the sole proprietor and they have nothing to do with the business.”

Scott and Malatino were charged with harassment and stalking in April after a complaint by Philip Hollister, a competitor and former driver of a Mr. Ding-A-Ling ice cream truck.

Those charges are still pending in City Court.

Police said an investigation found Scott and Malatino followed the rival truck, played their music at a high volume and yelled they had free ice cream in an attempt to draw customers away from the rival truck.

The city denied the renewal of Amanda Scott’s permit for the business – which expired May 4 – on the recommendation of VanDeusen. Scott then took the city to court. State Supreme Court Justice Joseph M. Sise in June ruled the city could deny Scott the permit.

Mayor Dayton King said the issue the city had with Sno Kone Joe had nothing to do with the truck itself, but what Scott and Malatino were doing while conducting business in the city.

“As long as they don’t cause any problems there won’t be an issue,” King said. “If we find out there is any issues going on – like there were with the previous drivers – we will cross that bridge when it comes.”

According to documents in the city clerk’s office, Rose acquired a $75 permit that will run from Sept. 16 to Oct. 16.

Hollister was later arrested and charged with driving the Mr. Ding-A-Ling truck while intoxicated. He was later fired from his job as a driver.