Pass values to children

The measure of one’s life and the impact it makes upon the world depends accordingly upon the road that is traveled over the years. Towering historical figures are rigidly judged, while the measurements for the common person, although also important, are often much more subtle and lenient.

One critical contribution is the personal legacies people leave behind, or those of their children since there is little doubt the parents imprint the directions their offsprings’ lives tend to take.

Dedicated conservationists and environmentalists instinctively possess a deep, abiding love for the outdoors, the wildlife that dwells within and for the traditional bounties the forests and woodlands represent. This devotion is an important part of serious conservationists’ lives and strongly reflects upon who they really are.

When a conservationist performs as expected, the values of these pursuits are greatly admired within the greater scope of society. That is why it’s so important these values are imparted onto our children, so the values endure and thus assure our lives have been successful.

Our future is in the children who are being reared today. If our forests, woodlands and wildlife species are to survive, it’s imperative for future generations to take up the torch and continue. Hopefully, they, too, will understand the need for stronger, protective conservation measures is urgent, and only then will they sincerely recognize and respect the true, meaningful essence of protecting what we already have.