Handy can be mayor for all city residents

I ask anyone who has talked and urged me to run for mayor of Gloversville to support Jim Handy for mayor.

After talking several times with Jim and putting hard questions to him as well as offering ideas for his term, I wholeheartedly support Jim Handy for mayor.

Jim Handy has experience in Gloversville government; he has the city’s best interests in mind and he is the city’s only hope to bring Gloversville back onto its feet.

Jim Handy has the vision to address the issues and problems Gloversville has faced for years and is ready and able to lead in giving Gloversville new hope and sustainability in the coming years.

Jim Handy is a breath of fresh air over the other candidate. He is determined to not only restore Gloversville, but take it to new levels of safety, service and beautification.

I have talked with the existing mayor before and after his election four years ago and since; he is the biggest disappointment of the last several mayors. He has caused huge issues within city of Gloversville government as well as with the very people who saved Gloversville’s economic base -the town of Johnstown’s agreement to allow annexation to save the Walmart project. The tax revenue from this project is going to be huge for the city and we would have lost it without the town of Johnstown’s co-operation. What is Dayton King’s thanks? A threat to fight for annexation of the Arterial Plaza over a roughly 50-year-old water agreement to the plaza because he’s “found a loophole.”

Mr. King’s administration is full of these threats and underhanded practices. Let’s not forget his delays in appointing our fire chief. (I believe she has enough to file a federal discrimination suit against the mayor and the city.)

Then there is the issue of Insurance Services Office downgrading the city’s fire protection classification due to not having a required aerial ladder truck in the Fire Department; this will cause everyone’s property insurance to cost more for years to come. It is, again, a huge blunder.

Mr. King also is disenfranchising those residents and taxpayers by “governing by Facebook” – using this media instead of The Leader-Herald, the city’s selected means of notification. On Facebook, Mr. King deletes and blocks those disagreeing with him and has taken down the city’s Facebook site, further blocking disagreeing comments.

The list goes on and on.

Mr. King is not the mayor Gloversville needs. Contrary to his statements, he is not the mayor to all the people of Gloversville.