Single-payer plan best

In reference to the recent letter to the editor by Bill Hunt, it seems that Bill believes the Affordable Care Act is dangerous because it is not provided for in the Constitution. Bill believes in freedom, but he does not seem to believe people should have the right to protection from being gouged by big insurance companies. Perhaps he hasn’t noticed the insurance companies are not intent on protecting people’s health, but try at all times to make a profit. By law, a company’s first priority is to make a profit for its investors. This is not freedom. By law, insurance companies are in direct conflict with consumers’ interests. We can be fooled into believing this is freedom when it is collusion between government and business against the public.

When we were eligible for Medicare, our insurance costs went way down and the government is not going broke. We pay for our coverage, it is just that we are no longer paying to make insurance companies rich, just for our health care.

Since Bill points out 53 percent of the people want the legislation, Bill might consider that this is freedom to govern ourselves. I support U.S. Bill Owens in trying to truly represent the people.

However, the Affordable Care Act was not the best choice.

The single-payer health care plan could have, and still can, extend the benefits of Medicare, which older people enjoy, to the entire population.