Enjoy Crop?Walk and help fight hunger

It is my honor to announce this coming Sunday at 1 p.m. we will host the annual Crop Walk for the city of Johnstown. Every year the Twin City Council of Churches sponsors the local Crop Walk, which is meant to raise awareness and money to purchase the necessary food to feed starving people in other countries and also here in our own communities.

This year, the walk will begin at Johnstown Reformed Church, which is at 351 N. Perry St. We will have refreshments to follow for the walkers, and the local senior center has graciously opened its doors as a rest stop and place to get a drink of water.

I also am proud to announce the honorable mayor of Johnstown, Sarah Slingerland, presented us with an official proclamation that reads:

“Whereas, hunger and poverty are serious issues that affect people around the world, in every country, in the United States, in the state of New York, in every community and in the city of Johnstown and whereas, Crop Walk is Community Reaching Out to People, an annual 10 kilometer walk and whereas, 25 percent of the money that is raised will be returned to the community to help fund the Gloversville and Johnstown food pantry. Now, therefore, I, Sarah J. Slingerland, mayor of the city of Johnstown, do recognize and support the annual Crop Walk on Sunday September 29, 2013. I encourage all residents to either sponsor a walker or participate in the walk.”

We are encouraged to say there are many who have promised to walk this coming Sunday, rain or shine. We hope others will join us in such a worthy cause. We are excited and committed to contribute to ending hunger that grips our lands and neighbors.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter, and we hope to see you on Sunday.


Johnstown Reformed Church