Cross Country Roundup: B-P girls third at Queensbury Invitational

MAYFIELD – The Mayfield boys and girls cross-country team each went 1-1 Tuesday during a Western Athletic Conference home meet.

The Mayfield boys posted a 26-31 win over Berne-Knox-Westerlo and lost 18-40 to Duanesburg, which also recorded a 19-41 win over BKW. The Mayfield girls defeated an incomplete Duanesburg squad and lost 24-25 to Berne-Knox-Westerlo, which also posted a win over Duanesburg.

In the boys meet, Duanesburg swept the top three spots in the 2.92-mile race with Pat Murphy (17:04) finishing first, Xavier McKinley (17:05) placing second and Devin VanVlack (17:42) taking third. Mayfield’s Josh Gallup (17:50) was fourth and Berne-Knox-Westerlo’s Kyle Anderson (18:13) completed the top five.

Connor Akowicz finished eighth for Mayfield with a time of 18:35. Other Mayfield finishers included Austin Davis (12th, 20:00), Brent Gray (13th, 20:48), Ian Chamberlaine (14th, 20:52), Luke Cole (15th, (22:23), Cody Horowitz (19th, 24:17) and Jackson Dunn (20th, 24:32).

In the girls meet, Duanesburg’s Katie Gregory won the 2.92-mile race with a time of 21:32. Berne-Knox-Westerlo’s Allie Tedeschi (21:38) was second, BKW’s Annie Laura Shafer (22:40) was third, Mayfield’s Emily Cromie (22:40) was fourth and Duanesburg’s Olivia Munson (22:57) was fifth.

Kelsey Wasson was eighth for Mayfield with a time of 24:08, while Emily Barker (25:17) was 13th and Katelyn Akowicz (28:59) was 14th.

C-FP sweeps WAC meet

CHERRY VALLEY – The Canajoharie-Fort Plain boys and girls teams both picked up a pair of wins in a Western Athletic Conference meet with Cherry Valley-Springfield and Schoharie.

The C-FP boys defeated incomplete squads from Schoharie and Cherry-Valley Springfield, while the C-FP girls topped Schoharie 23-34 and an incomplete Cherry Valley-Springfield squad.

In the boys meet, Schoharie’s Will Griffin won the 3-mile race with a time of 16:52. Schoharie’s Noah Balbo (17:38) was second, Cherry Valley-Springfield’s John Magyar (18:17) was third, Canajoharie-Fort Plain’s Jon Payack (18:25) was fourth and C-FP’s Ruben MacFarlane (18:36) was fifth.

Evan Searles (20:34) was seventh for Canajoharie-Fort Plain, Zach Florian (20:36) was eighth and Lucas Steenburgh (20:36) was ninth.

In the girls meet, Canajoharie-Fort Plain’s Cheyanne Munson won with a time of 21:52.

C-FP’s Gabby Bridgewater (21:55) was second, Schoharie’s Elizabeth DeGroff (23:31) was third, Schoharie’s Megan Frisbee (23:57) was fourth and C-FP’s Abby Boyer (24:13) was fifth.

Lexi Kane (24:15) was seventh for Canajoharie-Fort Plain, Brianna Hazzard (25:24) was eighth and Caroline Adams (26:08) was ninth.

Foothills Council

Gloversville loses to Glens Falls

GLOVERVILLE – The Gloversville boys and girls both dropped decisions to Glens Falls in a Foothills Council meet at Gloversville High School.

Glens Falls won the boys meet 23-33, while Glens Falls won the girls meet over an incomplete Gloversville squad.

In the boys meet, Glens Falls’ Noah Duell won with a time of 16:47.

Glens Falls’ Justin Ryan (16:48) was second, while Gloversville’s Phil Meher (17:05), Jack Hayes (17:22) and Hunter Marshall (17:24) were third, fourth and fifth, respectively.

Anthony Hayes was ninth for Gloversville with a time of 19:55, Christopher Hernandez (20:16) was 11th, Tyler Unislawski (21:24) was 13th and Alex Buck (21:27) was 14th.

In the girls meet, Gloversville’s Cassandra Ryan won the race with a time of 21:02.

Rounding out the top five were Glens Falls’ Bri Collins (second, 22:25), Glens Falls’ Erin Birchfield (third, 22:27), Glens Falls’ Adele Haraughty (fourth, 23:07) and Gloversville’s Tierney Vandeusen (fifth, 23:31).

Katie Senzio (23:32) was sixth for Gloversville, while Veronica Peck (27:35) was ninth.

B-P girls win pair

DAY – The Broadalbin-Perth girls swept their home meet against Scotia-Glenville and South Glens Falls at the Saratoga Biathlon Club.

The Lady Patriots topped Scotia-Glenville 19-45 and South Glens Falls 21-38. South Glens Falls earned a split with a 16-48 win over Scotia-Glenville

The B-P boys lost to both Scotia-Glenville (20-42) and South Glens Falls (24-36). Scotia-Glenville earned a sweep with a 15-46 win over South Glens Falls.

In the girls meet, South Glens Falls’ Sara Billings won the 3.1-mile race with a time of 20:56.

Broadalbin-Perth claimed the next four spots as Victoria Opalka (21:42.90), Coreena Monroe (22:30.30), Sarah Naple (22:30.60) and Jordyn DeNeuville (22:36.30) were second, third, fourth and fifth, respectively.

Mackenzie DeZolt (seventh, 23:32.30) and Alex Opalka (eighth, 23:37.30) also posted top-10 finishes for the Lady Patriots.

Other B-P finishers included Cadey Nolan (12th, 25:19.40), Renee Bellinger (16th, 25:46.60), Victoria Laurange (23rd, 27:34.90), Madison Bollart (26th, 28:45.30), Joanna Tavolaro (28th, 29:27.90), Julie Capito (31st, 30:23.80), Allyson Becker (35th, 32;23.40) and Breanne Mosher (36th, 35:06.60).

Cara Zanta led Scotia-Glenville, placing 11th with a time of 24:51.60.

In the boys meet, Broadalbin-Perth’s Greg Bogdan won the 3.1-mile race with a time of 17:45.20.

Scotia-Glenville swept the next four spots, as Ryan Murphy (18:00.50) was second, Daken Broadhead (18:11.80) was third, Grant Norton (18:16.80) was fourth and Matt Forshey (18:26.20) was fifth.

Alex Hitrick (19:43.90) was ninth for Broadalbin-Perth. Other B-P finishers included Nicolai Mosher (19th, 21:25.20), Jacob Mosher (24th, 22:15.30) and Tim Zukas (40th, 31:38.80).

Mathew Jenkins was South Glens Falls’ top finisher, placing sixth with a time of 18:29.90.

Queensbury sweeps Johnstown, Hudson Falls

QUEENSBURY – The Queensbury boys and girls both posted a pair of wins over incomplete Johnstown and Hudson Falls squads in a Foothills meet at Queensbury High School.

In the girls meet, the host Spartans swept the top 17 spots on their way to a pair of wins.

Queensbury’s Emily Guinther won the girls race with a time of 17:39.33. Megan Kellogg (second, 17:57.02), Sherri Metcalfe (third, 18:00.80), Danielle Soprano (fourth, 18:08.28) and Rachael Guinther (fifth, 18:12.67) also posted top-five finishes for the Spartans.

Skylar Swatt was Johnstown’s top finisher, placing 20th with a time of 20:54.15. Lyndsey Fiore (24:55.73) was 41st for the Lady Bills, while Tatyana Rosario (30:21.80) was 51st.

Jessie Johnson led Hudson Falls, placing 18th with a time of 20:22.93.

In the boys meet, Queensbury claimed eight of the top nine spots on its way to a pair of wins.

Queensbury’s Zane Belden won the boys race with a time of 15:55.14.

Hudson Falls’ Jason Linendoll (16:10.02) was second, while Queensbury’s Ethan Carey (16:14.60), Christian Vaillancourt (16:21.60) and Benjamin Holser (16:29.57) were third, fourth and fifth, respectively.

Daeshan Buseck was Johnstown’s top finisher, placing 10th with a time of 17:06.13. Cameron Roten (17:30.47) was 13th for Johnstown, Samuel Brunetto (18:50.77) was 24th and Devon Beekman-Williams (41:35.40) was 45th.

Colonial Council

FFCS boys second

COHOES – The Fonda-Fultonville boys finished second at a six-team Colonial Council meet, while the FFCS girls fielded an incomplete team.

In the boys meet, Lansingburgh won with a team total of 42 points, while Fonda-Fultonville was second with 52 points. Albany Academy (58 points) was third, Mechanicville (97) was fourth, Cohoes (109) was fifth and Watervliet fielded an incomplete team.

Lansingburgh’s Mike Miller won the 2.6-mile boys race with a time of 13:57, while Lansingburgh’s Dante Carr (14:00) was second. Fonda-Fultonville’s Cameron Gilligan (14:06) and Dylan DeSorbo (14:33) were third and fourth, respectively. Lansingburgh’s John Albarran (14:35) completed the top five.

Dalton Hunter added a seventh-place finish for Fonda-Fultonville, finishing in a time of 14;42.

In the girls meet, Albany Academy won with a team total of 37 points, while Cohoes (74 points) was second and Lansingburgh (94) was third. Fonda-Fultonville, Mechanicville and Watervliet all fielded incomplete teams.

Cohoes’ Sarah Carter won the 2.6-mile girls race with a time of 16:02, while Albany Academy’s Emily Acker (16:14) was second. Fonda-Fultonville’s Kim Geniti (17:06) was third, Albany Academy’s Kaitlin McGarvey (17:11) was fourth and Fonda-Fultonville’s Kacie Hunter (17:13) was fifth.

Jamie Kasza was eighth for the Lady Braves, finishing with a time of 17:36.

Big 10

Amsterdam girls win, boys earn split

SCHENECTADY – The Amsterdam girls won their Big 10 meet with Schenectady at Central Park, while the Amsterdam boys earned a split against LaSalle and the host Patriots.

The Lady Rams posted a 19-39 win over Schenectady, while the boys defeated LaSalle 26-32 and lost 27-28 to host Schenectady, which also topped LaSalle 26-32.

In the girls meet, Amsterdam’s Ilenis Quinones won the 2.65-mile race with a time of 17;37. Chantel Dopp was second for the Lady Rams with a time of 17:45, while Schenectady’s Megan Dufort was third with a time of 18:11.

Caitlyn Adamchick (18:50.4) was fourth for Amsterdam, while Olivia Lazarou (18:50.7) was fifth.

Kennedy Nordby (20:26) was seventh for the Lady Rams, while Alyssa Turo (21:20) was eighth.

In the boys meet, LaSalle’s Niall Coughlan won the 2.65-mile race with a time of 14;37. Schenectady’s Devin Fitzgerald (15;16) was second, Schenectady’s Julian Canavan (15:25) was third, LaSalle’s Dermot Coughlan (15:30) was fourth and Amsterdam’s Brett Flint (15:33) was fifth.

Jon Knack (15:59) was sixth for the Rams, David Fernandez (16:00) was seventh and David Graveley (16:25) was eighth.