Consolidation a bad idea

In the spring when I announced my candidacy for mayor of Johnstown I was against consolidation of the Glove Cities. My position has not changed. I am not willing to accept the debt load of Gloversville. The mayor has a responsibility to protect the taxpayers of Johnstown.

My GOP candidate, Scott Jeffers was quoted in this paper on Sept. 15 as saying: “I really believe consolidation means cooperating with everybody else.” He went on to say “I’m not saying consolidation is the answer to everything, but if you don’t have a plan in place, or something along those lines, eventually it’s going to be much worse down the road.”

I respectfully disagree. I believe that we can share certain services and cooperate in some ways without losing our identity as a city. Consolidation would be great for Gloversville and surrounding communities at the expense of Johnstown taxpayers, something I do not accept. To me consolidation means only one thing – the loss of jobs in both cities, which we cannot afford.

On Nov. 5, elect me, a successful businessman, and I will run the city like a business. Remember: I’m on your side.


Democratic candidate for mayor of