Plowing idea suggested

MAYFIELD – A local resident recently suggested the town inquire if the village would agree to having the town plow roads shared by the municipalities.

At Thursday’s Town?Board meeting, Jon Close of Lakeside Drive said such a move could make both highway departments more efficient in the winter.

Close used Lakeside Drive as an example. He said after a snowstorm, the road only gets plowed halfway by the town, with the other half done by the village.

“The village line and the town line are halfway down the road,” Close said.

According to Close, the town plows run until they reach the edge of the town’s boundaries then have to turn around.

Close said his suggestion could alleviate that problem.

“It would make things more efficient, and not to pick on [the village highway department,] but they are only one crew. The town has four or five trucks and when they go out – bang – there are a lot of [roads they finish quickly]” Close said.

Close said his suggestion would leave the side roads to the village crews while the town crews would clear the main roads.

“If town trucks are running the roads anyway, if it would work, it would be great,” Close said.

Close suggested the town could look into having the village reimburse it for doing the work.

Charles Morrison, town councilman, said previously the municipalities worked on a similar idea in the 1970s until the Office of the State Comptroller protested the proposal.

“Actually, what they said was we should have a contract for this,” Morrison said.

Morrison said at the time the village did not want to sign anything.

“Now, whether that has changed now or not, I have no idea,” Morrison said.

Melvin Dopp, town highway superintendent, noted the town has its budget to consider.

However, he did not dismiss the suggestion.

“We are here to help,” Dopp said.

Paul Wilde, a village trustee, said Friday while the village has its budget to consider, the idea could be discussed.

“At the present time, I would say we might very well be in favor of that,” Wilde said.