Affordable Care Act may destroy U.S.

To U.S. Rep. Bill Owens:

I was born, raised in Watertown, went to war, attended college, lived and worked throughout northern New York for 67 years and now I am seeing the destruction of our republic.

In your last reply, concerning my views to eliminate the Affordable Care Act, you stated that you are in favor of this law because 53 percent of New Yorkers are in favor of it. You also said that the Supreme Court ruled that the taxes are constitutional.

Therefore, I assume: That you don’t feel that your branch of government has any say in what is or is not constitutional. That you refuse to take the time to investigate 2,600 pages of law, which will eliminate the free market of our health insurance, and force massive cost onto the people of your district. That the people of New York City want this thing, so it must be kept.

I want you to protect my family and me from a federal government that would restrict our right to happiness and property, our right to liberty and our right to life.

To accomplish these things, our ancestors chose to change 5,000 years of big government history and established a constitution that “exempted” us from a federal government establishing laws to interfere with our rights and restricting it to a few and limited things it could do.

I believe in American exceptionalism and refuse to accept big government.

You took an oath to defend these rights from all enemies foreign and domestic. Please consider my request to eliminate this terrible bill.