Problems on road in Fonda need answers

I am a resident of Di Giorgi Lane in?Fonda. Since last June, we have had problems on this street.

First, we finally found out we never had pipes going to the sewer line for the last four homes on the street. The sewage was going into the village drain on my property, right under my window. It stunk.

Second, they came and dug the street up on Dec. 22 or 23, knowing a snowstorm was going to hit us. I made repeated attempts to get answers as to when the road was getting done.

Third, in February, the sewage pipe that went from my home to the village drain backed sewage up into my home. It was horrible.

Fourth, they never did anything about it until I involved New York state Department of Environmental?Conservation and they told them it had to be taken care of immediately.

Fifth, why are other things being done in the village and Di Giorgi Lane has not had the roadwork done? They tell me they want to remove a tree and need to get owner’s permission. How long does that take? It is the middle of September and the mayor himself informed me they will stop making tar for the year; I am not sure of the date for that, but it can’t be that far away.

Sixth, how does the village charge taxpayers a sewage tax when we were never connected? It more or less feels like it was going on my property. The stench alone was horrid. I don’t know if it caused my family any health damage, but it seems like it could.

Please, someone find out when Di Giorgi Lane is going to be done. I can’t get any real answers.