‘Wild’ park needs funds

Lewis Page’s recent letter to the editor raises debate in my view.

I understand his love of nature and his desire to keep the Adirondack Park wild forever. Although, who exactly is paying for his vision as to how things should be?

I ask Mr. Page how many acres of Adirondack Park land did he purchase to further his goals? I’m guessing not many, but he wants to keep tourists away from the park because it infringes on his personal vision? He wants the tourism dollars, but not the tourists who pay for his personal vacation spot. Sounds like a snob to me.

Keep tourists out? Impress the hell out of me and deny any taxpayer-funded advantage he enjoys.

I don’t fish or hunt or really care about the wildlife. I was born and raised in a real city. I respect his passion, but do not expect me to pay for his playground and deny me access to it. Vacant land with a nice view? Build on it.

I may be wrong and Mr. Page may be right. It’s a point of view – period. In my opinion, his point would be valid if he sacrificed something in the name of it -other than writing letters and telling people how things ought to be. Where’s the money? The state is broke. Would he be game to a lean-to tax when he’s out monitoring the mating habits of elk?