Why show steer’s pain?

I am in complete agreement with the letter from Linda Streicher that was published in The Leader-Herald on Tuesday.

Also, I hope I was not the only person disgusted by the picture on the front page of the Aug. 28 edition of The Leader-Herald. It was the opening day of the Fonda Fair, and apparently, your photographer could not find any other activity to take a picture of than a boy grabbing a defenseless steer by the horns and twisting its neck to wrestle it to the ground. We sit around and wonder what has become of society and the senseless abuse of animals and people in general – it’s a proven fact that abusing an animal leads to abuse of people.

Please do not patronize me by stating the steer doesn’t mind or that it has gone on for decades or asking, “What is the big deal?” Just take a look at the torment in the eyes of the steer – doesn’t look like he is getting any enjoyment of our “sporting event,” does it?

The same holds true for the horses being whipped to run faster in all kinds of weather for our amusement and monetary gain. I could go on about the dog races and how much fun the dogs seem to be having.

There are so many worthwhile activities held at the Fonda Fair. Why couldn’t a picture have been published of fun, enjoyment – not blatant cruelty to animals?

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter” – Martin Luther King Jr.