Thanks for dog’s pictures

Let’s talk about the most recent case of animal abuse, shall we? When I heard about and saw the pictures of Dolce, the puppy found abandoned in Amsterdam, I felt complete sadness and disgust. This little dog was estimated to have been left on the street for about eight weeks with no food or water. The good news is there has been an arrest. Great job, Amsterdam Police Department. I would like to see the two people arrested who allegedly committed the crime left on the street with no food or water. How about rotting in jail? Perfect!

I want to thank The Leader-Herald for printing the pictures of Dolce. Although they were heartbreaking to see, I’m sure they have already raised more awareness to the serious problem of animal abuse in Fulton and Montgomery counties. It has to stop. Please pray for Dolce.

Keeping with the same topic, how about the wonderful sport of horse racing? Every summer, people go into a frenzy over the “August place to be.” I happened to see the end of the Travers race on the news. These horses were being beaten (that’s what I call it) beyond belief. Come on, run faster, let’s win! Really, isn’t it all about the almighty dollar? I don’t care how good the horses are treated and cared for before and after the race. I know horses have broken down and even died on the track. They don’t want you to hear about that.

I know this will never change, but it will give you something to think about every time you place your bet.