‘Block dog’ should not be left to wander

This letter is in reference to Kathryn Spira’s article which appeared in The Sunday Leader-Herald on Sept. 1, “Our neighborhood’s ‘block dog.'”

To begin, I sincerely have a great deal of respect for Kathryn and thoroughly enjoy reading her columns. She and her husband are kind and loving dog owners. Her article did not prompt this letter, it hurried it.

We all are residents and taxpayers of West Caroga Lake. Kathryn’s home, although very close, is not part of our “block,” or rather, the Lake View Grove area. Many of the people who reside in this area are quite up in arms with Kenny’s decision to no longer tie his dog, Logan, up. In reference to Logan, Kenny has conveyed to me in the past that this animal is part wolf. In addition, Logan is unneutered. I have seen this dog become aggressive toward other dogs, including my own. I know he has damaged a little Chihuahua who needed many stitches.

Logan spends his day loose, walking around, relieving himself on the beach and on the lawns of many residents’ homes in the grove. Kenny does not clean up the mess – we do. I cringe when little children walk up to Logan when he migrates to the beach and grab at him as he drinks water. Who will be responsible if that dog attacks a child? Will it be Kenny, the residents with deeded beach rights, the town of Caroga, New York state or all of us?

Logan’s life, in my perception, was devoted to many years tied to a chain with little attention. I have witnessed this during every season. Logan frequently would find ways to free himself followed by many calls to the dog warden. As far as feeding Logan, we do know of local residents who do this. Who knows, it may be the only meal he gets.

Many members in the grove have repeatedly complained to the dog warden and to town officials with no follow-up. Kenny’s defiance and blatant disrespect for the law and for his neighbors, like them or not, is despicable. The best thing that could happen would be, while Logan is loose, if someone would take him and give him love and a wonderful home for the rest of his days. It is not Logan’s fault his owner does not care about him.


Caroga Lake