Were workers used properly?

News Center 6 reported last month that village worker Charles Peterson alleges he was terminated for confronting Mayor William Peeler about village employees working on Peeler’s personal property on village time and village dime.

Peeler claims they were only removing sidewalk, and that all village residents can have sidewalk replaced by village employees and that they also can use village trucks for debris and such. Does that mean during village time and village dime? It sounds that way to me.

A picture shows Superintendent Chris Weaver using rental equipment on the driveway on Peeler’s property during working hours?- our dime again. Also working in the driveway, not on the sidewalk – again on village time and dime – was Ron Kazza, another village employee.

On Aug. 15, there were three workers working approximately six hours that day. (On?Aug. 16 and 17, they worked on the property as well.)

All village trustees – Robert Galusha, Tim Healy, Walter Boyd and Lynn Dumar – were not available for comment on Aug. 23. Are they working for the village of Fonda or Mayor Peeler?

Village residents would like an apology from Mayor Peeler and all the trustees who were involved in this fiasco and explanations about how and why this happened. Charlie Peterson should get some kind of a severance package.

Any resident who is interested, the next Village Board meeting is Monday at 6 p.m.