Cheers and jeers

JEERS -?To changing a meeting date. For years, the Gloversville Enlarged School District Board of Education held its monthly meetings on the second Monday. The district now has changed those meetings to the second Tuesday of each month. Come 2014, the board is planning a second monthly meeting on the fourth Tuesday. Gloversville residents should be concerned because this is the exact meeting schedule of the Gloversville Common Council. In a community this size, why make it impossible for a person to attend both important public meetings? It’s a challenge for the media to cover both meetings, but more importantly, it’s a problem for the public. The school board approved the change July 9. We suggest the board pick other days for its meetings.

CHEERS -?To addressing an important issue. Representatives from the New York State Office of Real Property Tax Services have been invited by the town of Johnstown to give a presentation on the 2014 Basic STAR Registration Program at the Town Board meeting Sept. 16 at 6:30 p.m. After the presentation, people will have an opportunity to register in person for STAR?with state representatives. It’s a shame reregistration is necessary, but don’t blame the government; blame those who abused the STAR program, making it necessary for all of us to reapply for the program so the state can check eligibility.

JEERS – To no action. The most recent action, or lack of action, by the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors to table a resolution on buying land for a recreational trail in Mohawk can be placed on the growing list of decisions “we can hold off on.” It appears many issues that should be acted on will wait until 2014. January is when the new form of government will debut in the county. At this point, major decisions that need to be made include what to do with the county’s trash and the correction of inefficiencies in the county’s new charter. Voters should consider the lame-duck actions of current elected officials who are seeking to be part of the new legislature. If they are shirking their responsibilities now, what magic pill will they take to turn them into responsible legislators?