Voters must look at facts

As a candidate for Northampton councilman and a five-year past councilman, I would like to clear up a few statements by Ivar Anderson and Jim Groff.

Ivar, what things are now getting done? No new roof in two years because you requested an asbestos study and engineering study – a waste of money. The board passed a mass gathering ordinance, after being told by the town attorney you were wasting your time and money (now $14,000 and counting), only to lose in court. The board also rejected a grant for a generator for the Town Hall that could have been used as an emergency shelter.

Jim Groff states he has a proven record for financial responsibility, but village taxes are $7.75 per $1,000. (One of the highest in the state) Mayfield is $3.60 and Broadalbin $3.91, and both have both sewer and water. Jim also wants a joint highway department, even after a study by M.J. Engineering, at a cost of $42,500, said it would not be cost-beneficial to the town. Jim, who would pay for this joint town and village crew? I’m sure it would be the town. Remember Jim, the village pays no highway tax to the town. Rob Streeter, with the Department of Environmental Conservation, and Steve Grimm of Rural Waters have actively helped to try and secure a grant for Sacandaga Park sewer and water. Remember, there are 115 sewer users; at an $8 million cost that is about $68,000 per user. We must get grants.

Lastly, this board has already stated the town should be looking at a 50 percent tax increase for next year, even before Jim is elected. Remember your town taxes are $0.95 per $1,000 (one of the lowest in the state). Let’s try to keep it at that.

Voters, be smart; look at the facts before voting Tuesday.