Return?King to City?Hall

On Primary Day, Tuesday, the citizens of Gloversville have the privilege to cast their vote on the November ballot for mayor. You have one candidate who has proven to the community he can not only do the job, but do it well. This person has a record of positive accomplishments and has done an outstanding job in moving your city of Gloversville forward. That person is your mayor, Dayton King.

As mayor of a similar-sized city, I know firsthand the challenges your mayor has faced. You can take pride in the accomplishments in Gloversville over the past four years under Mayor King’s leadership. His goal in making Gloversville a safer place became a reality. You can be proud Mayor King maintained fiscal stability through solid fiscal planning and development. Gloversville has had realistic budgets that resulted in not only a stable tax rate, but a reduction in the tax rate. In Mayor King, you have a mayor who is always accessible and is highly visible at events and activities throughout your community.

As immediate past president of the New York Conference of Mayors, I had the privilege to witness first hand Mayor King’s professionalism and dedication to his community. Mayor King served on the Legislative Committee whereby the legislative agenda for NYCOM is developed. Mayor King was active in crafting our agenda and served on several other committees with distinction, while bringing forth issues that affected his beloved city of Gloversville. Having served in this capacity with Mayor King at NYCOM, I am confident Mayor King is a dedicated leader you can trust.

With the past four years of accomplishments in Gloversville, it is clear Mayor King is on the correct path and moving Gloversville in the right direction with focus on redevelopment, infrastructure, community revitalization, increased public safety, and developing fiscally prudent and responsible budgets.

The mayor of the city of Gloversville is a serious undertaking. In these turbulent times, you need experience, honesty and proven leadership. I am confident in Mayor King’s ability to continue to lead your city forward. He has the experience, he has the dedication and he has the proven track record. Cast your vote to return your Mayor, Dayton King, to City Hall.


Mayor, city of Ogdensburg, St. Lawrence County