Mayor seeks support of voters in city

I’m writing this letter to ask for your vote on Tuesday in the Republican and Conservative primaries. During my term as mayor of Gloversville, we have started to turn our city in the right direction. For the past two years, taxes have not increased. My budget to the council for 2014 will include a decrease in taxes by 2 percent. We have increased our general fund by about 200 percent in the past three years. At the end of 2012 our city had $3.4 million in our general fund, possibly the most ever! This has been accomplished by strong management and conservative budgeting.

I pride myself on being involved in our community and being very visible and accessible. I consider myself on duty at all times and make myself available through meetings at my office, publishing my personal cell phone in this newspaper, emails, Facebook, public and private events. During my time as the mayor of our city, I have had the honor to unite more than 100 couples in marriage and meet with more than 100 students yearly, throughout the school district, teaching them about the duties of the mayor and answering their questions. When my family and I are out eating dinner, shopping or attending an event, I always make time to answer people’s questions or concerns and ideas to make our community better.

We have begun to see an economic upswing in our city through private investments and the city partnering with their development. Restorations in the Schine Building have allowed many new businesses to come into downtown, and we have just announced we have found a company that may purchase the old Estee school building and build senior housing. This will generate more people living, shopping and eating in the heart of our city. The Walmart Supercenter is open and already attracting other businesses near it, including Burger King and other national retailers I cannot yet discuss.

Our departments are working hard to improve public safety and my budget for 2014 will include an additional patrol officer. We have the key people in key places and need to continue the continuity for the next four years. I truly believe many of Gloversville’s problems stem from having a new mayor – or CEO – every four years.

If you are a Registered Republican or Conservative, I am asking for your vote next Tuesday.


Mayor, city of Gloversville