Agency seeks support

GLOVERSVILLE-Fulton County Office for Aging Director Andrea Fettinger spoke to the Common Council last week about the agency’s nutrition program and asked the city to continue supporting it next year.

The Common Council previously agreed to contribute $3,000 to the program this year for the Meals on Wheels program.

She told the council the program has served about 23,000 meals to senior citizens in Gloversville, costing nearly $122,000. The program has a meal site at Forrest Hill Towers.

“It is more than a meal,” Fettinger said. “It is more than just the food that a person receives. It is a person knocking on their door and checking on them every day, and is nutrition for a frail, elderly, disabled person. It is may be the only meal a person receives that day.”

Fettinger said the $3,000 that was previously granted by the Common Council paid for some meals, hours of nutrition counseling and materials for nutritional education.

She told the council she is hoping the city can provide the same amount of funding for next year.

“I would like to thank you for supporting us last year, and what I would like to do is ask that a resolution be passed so that you continue to do that in 2014, and at least provide the same contribution that you did this year,” Fettinger said.

She said the money helps because the agency’s nutrition funds have been cut and frozen as a result of the federal government sequester.

“We have to make accommodations ourselves, but any kind of help will work,” Fettinger said.

The council took no action following her presentation. After the meeting Mayor Dayton King said his proposed budget for 2014 will include funding for the nutrition program.

There is no cutoff income level for the nutrition program. The program asks for a $3 donation per person. If a family or person is unable to pay the donation, they will not be denied, and the meals can be home-delivered to people who are disabled, Fettinger said.