Law describes duties, limitations of office

In her recent letter, Carolyn Kozlowski worried about how “average” people reading a July letter from another Broadalbin resident might interpret it. I located the letter, which was a taxpayer thanking town Supervisor Joe DiGiacomo and the Town?Board for approving the repair of a washout and for reopening his road.

Every time I see it claimed that one public official can’t do their job because of another public official, I hope the readers know that this is so much hogwash.

For every office in the towns of the state of New York, including highway superintendent and town supervisor, there is a book. The duties and limitations of each office are prescribed by law. Every function is detailed as to when, where and how it is to be carried out.

The legal guidelines by which every town highway department in every town operates are the same under state town law.

Contrary to Kozlowski’s assertions, the Broadalbin highway superintendents of the past had to operate within the exact same guidelines by which the current highway superintendent must now abide.

In like fashion, town Supervisor Joe DiGiacomo is obligated by his oath to uphold the laws of the town of Broadalbin and the laws of the state of New York. The duties of his office leave no room for innovation or personal interpretation. That is why, when people running for office claim, “I am going to do things differently,” they are blowing smoke.

We have been very fortunate in Broadalbin to have a tax rate of 89 cents per $1,000 of assessed property value for more than 12 years. Joe DiGiacomo has continued to hold that line by preparing a budget that is properly funded without overburdening the taxpayer. That is Supervisor DiGiacomo’s job; prepare and administer the budget as chief fiscal officer of the town, and represent the best interests of the people of the town of Broadalbin on the Fulton County Board of Supervisors.

Joe DiGiacomo has done a remarkably steady job of both while navigating a great number of curves thrown at him by outside government agencies, unforeseen local expenditures and detracting personal agendas.

Having served as town clerk under three town supervisors, I think that word – “steady” – best describes Joe DiGiacomo. I only hope the voters of Broadalbin realize how lucky we have been, and vote to return Supervisor DiGiacomo to office.


Town of Broadalbin