Sheriff Lorey’s ability to lead in question

Hey, Sheriff Tom Lorey: The driver of the truck who killed my friend is making you look pretty foolish once again. Telling you one thing at the scene, The Leader-Herald something else, and The Daily Gazette something else – all different stories. If I was sheriff, I would be on his doorstep re-opening this investigation.

Of course, some might understand if he is your friend or maybe a relative that you would choose not to do that because that’s “Good Ol’ Boy” Fulton County. Maybe the Fulton County DA’s office should move with its own investigation or call in the state police to do the job.

I know your deputies, and they work hard, but you are the top dog, and I believe your ability to lead is in question.

I believe you live to get in front of the press and run your mouth. Most of the time, in my opinion, you relay false information or misinformation to them.

Your handling last year of the incident involving the town of Johnstown supervisor was terrible and led people to believe Councilman Walt Lane slapped Supervisor Nancy MacVean across the face.

When the plane crashed in Rockwood, you kept the press from doing the job they are hired to do – I suspect so your son could get the pictures to use on his hobby website on Facebook.

When the father and son from?Broadalbin who were supposed to be fishing on the Great Sacandaga Lake went missing and everyone searched hard, you called off the search and made a callous statement accusing them of running off.

It’s clear Mr. Lane won his case in court; the father and son were found in the lake; and I hope someday it will be clear what really happened in this case.

Do the county a favor and step away.