Some Gloversville residents are disgusting

What is happening to Gloversville? What kind of people are we attracting to Gloversville?

I recently had two incidents happen I just can’t believe, and they are very bothersome to me. I noticed a young lady walking down the street as I pulled my car into the garage. It was still daylight. When I walked out of my garage, there this young lady was squatting down on the side of the street relieving herself. I yelled to her and asked her what she was doing and told her how disgusting she was. Her comment to me was she couldn’t hold it.

Oh good, now city streets are a toilet!

One night, I heard something outside and looked out my upstairs window and there was a woman taking the new solar lights that we didn’t even have for a week. I yelled at her and scared her enough that she dropped the lights and didn’t get away with stealing them. This was not someone who was young.

I work so hard to keep my yard and house up, not only for me, but as an effort to help my street look nice for the city. Now I have to worry about someone stealing the yard ornaments (which make the yard look nice) and using the street as a toilet.

I think it is great that Main Street may be improved with a grant, but something needs to be done with the people who “hang out” on Main Street first. You can ride down Main Street at night and they are sitting on the Fulton?Montgomery Regional Chamber of Commerce’s steps or by the old Estee school. Sure enough, the next morning when Main Street is quiet, take a ride and you will see their leftover boxes and cups from when they were “hanging out” on Main Street.

What I wouldn’t give to have the days where people respected one another and their city; you knew who your neighbors were, everyone looked out for one another, people cared and you could walk up Main Street not having to look over your shoulder.