Police investigating abandoned cats

GLOVERSVILLE-Several abandoned kittens are recovering after being found in a city apartment without food or water several weeks ago.

Almeda Stuart, a volunteer with the Regional Animal Shelter, said the four kittens and an adult male cat were found by police inside the vacant apartment at 112 Washington St. She said the cats had been left for eight or nine days without food or water.

Capt. John Sira said he believes two individuals lived at the location. He said city police are assisting a county agency trying to make contact with them.

He said neither have been located yet, but both are wanted on outstanding charges.

“We just received paperwork for an active warrant for each of them,” Sira said.

“We are hoping to take custody as soon as we can locate them,” Sira said.

Sira said the apartment was vacant, filled with trash and animal feces.

Stuart said the cats were in poor condition when they were found. She said they were emaciated, with blackened eyes and “nothing but fur and bone.”

Renee Earl, board member for the shelter, said the early months of a kitten’s life are very important to its future health.

“The first months and days of their lives are the most critical,” Earl said.

The animals are staying with Stuart as they recover.

Earl said animals are often abandoned and left to care for themselves.

“Unfortunately, it is a very common scenario,” Earl said.

Stuart said the animals had to be syringe-fed every three hours, but they are recovering quickly.

She said the kittens are up for adoption, but the male cat is being fostered. She said the largest kitten has already been adopted, but there are still several up for adoption

Earl said after a trip to the vet, all reports and blood work indicate the cats are healthy.