Mayor to propose plan for $10K gift

GLOVERSVILLE – Mayor Dayton King is scheduled to discuss the $10,000 donation from Overlook Ridge Apartments at Tuesday’s Common Council meeting. He is proposing some of the money be used for nonprofit organizations that improve the community.

King said under his plan, groups could send a letter to the city clerk with the amount they’re requesting and an explanation about how the money would be used.

He said while there may be restrictions on how the city distributes money, it can partner with organizations. He said the deadline for requests would be 4 p.m. Sept. 10. The Common Council would review entries and pass a resolution announcing the winners at a Sept. 24 council meeting, under his plan, King said.

King’s plan would require council approval. No members of the Common Council attended the ribbon cutting for Overlook Ridge when the donation was awarded to the city.

But Fourth Ward Councilwoman Ellen Anadio said King should have spoken to the council about the proposal before announcing the plan.

“The first I heard about it was on the radio,” she said.

She said the city clerk has been getting a lot of phone calls about the letters and inquiries about funding, but since the plan for the money hasn’t been officially decided, it is making the task difficult to organize.

“It is money well-spent and will go to organizations that really improve the community,” King said.

King also said he thinks about $3,000 of the money should go to the Recreation Commission for future activities and city improvements.

The meeting will begin at 6 p.m. at City Hall.

Also at the meeting, Department of Public Works Director Kevin Jones will lead a discussion on the state’s Brownfield Opportunity Area Program for a possible grant that would be shared between the Glove Cities.

Gloversville and Johnstown may work together on an effort to improve their downtowns after officials from both cities met earlier this month to talk about applying together for a possible $400,000 grant that would pay for a development study for the two downtowns.

Johnstown City Engineer Chandra Cotter will be working with Jones to secure the grant.

Anadio said the city will work with Johnstown.

“It is a good thing and we are working together to better the area,” Anadio said.

Jones also is on the agenda to discuss updating the city’s Comprehensive Plan.

Andrea Fettinger is scheduled to address the council about the city’s possible 2014 financial support of the Fulton County Office For Aging nutrition program.

Last September, the Common Council agreed to contribute $3,000 to the Meals on Wheels Program.

Jean Chain is also scheduled to speak to the council about upcoming events planned by the Recreation Commission.

At the last council meeting, there was discussion about improving the basketball courts at “the Cage” on East Fulton Street.

Councilman-At-Large James Robinson said both the hoops have the original backboards and rims. Each would need to be replaced.

One of the hoops is missing a rim, leaving only half of the court to be used.

The council said at that time it would look to see if the Recreation Commission would host an event that would help provide the funding for such improvements.

King said the Recreation Commission has since decided to partner with city firefighter Bill Rowback and others to begin fundraising events including a potential tournament at the park.

He said it is important for the courts to be playable, because not only it is one of the most-used parks in the city but it also could become an area of concern if basketball could no longer be played there.

King said he has asked Jones to replace the rim as a temporary solution until the funds can be raised to improve the entire court.

The only resolution on the agenda would authorize the city Fire Department to have an agreement with the Gloversville Housing Authority for smoke detector and alarm inspections.