Rural businesses get OK to expand

JOHNSTOWN – The Fulton County Planning Board on Tuesday approved site plans for two proposed projects in the town involving a cafe/country store and a bakery/winery.

The proposed developments, currently going through the town Planning Board, were reviewed by the county board at the Fort Johnstown Annex.

County Senior Planner Sean Geraghty characterized both businesses as seasonal.

He said Mary Ann Mowry and Pamela Rogers of the Foothills Brambill Company have a site plan for a cafe/country store to be located west of the city of Johnstown. They own a piece of property along the north side of Route 29 in the town of Johnstown, he said. The property is about 19 acres.

Geraghty said the Foothills Brambill Company is an agricultural business.

“They grow vegetables for about 20 to 30 local families,” he said.

He said the applicants would like to add a cafe/country store to their operation. The state Environmental Quality Review process is beginning on the project because it is on a state highway, he said. The new business would have certain vegetables as a specialty, as well as “unique salads” and meats, Geraghty said.

The plan by Mowry and Rogers includes bringing in a 22-foot trailer and having an 800-square-foot commercial tent for seating to get the business started. Geraghty said they would then like to construct a permanent 1,040-square-foot building for the operation.

The board approved the site plan for the new business.

In another project, Geraghty outlined a site plan for a bakery/winery along the east side of County Highway 131 in the town of Johnstown. He said Todd and Sandra Lee Rogers of Rogers Family Orchards wants to construct a small bakery and winery on their property. He said this project is “around the corner” from the Foothills Brambill Company project.

Geraghty said the Rogers property is an apple orchard with a small farm store. The applicants want to construct an addition on a building behind the existing barn and store that will be used for the bakery and winery.

This project is also going through the SEQR process, Geraghty said.

“He’s been improving that site year after year,” board Chairman John Blackmon said of Todd Rogers.

The board also approved the bakery/winery site plan.