FEMA extends application deadline

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo recently announced FEMA approved the state’s request for an extension for ongoing public assistance outreach in counties affected by the flooding this summer.

Public assistance is for emergency work and the repair or replacement of disaster-damaged facilities, a news release said. The application deadline for that federal assistance was moved to Sept. 10, the release said.

Montgomery?County was hit by the flooding this summer, with Fort?Plain suffering notable damage.

“Local governments are struggling in the wake of massive infrastructure damage, and continue to assess damage to apply for aid,” Cuomo said in the release.

Private nonprofit agencies providing critical services to the community also may request reimbursement of costs incurred for emergency work performed because of the storms, the release said. Private nonprofits that provide essential, governmental-type services to the community also may be eligible for public assistance to fund emergency work, the release said.

For more information on eligibility assistance, visit www.dhses.ny.gov/oem/recovery.