Mayfield board may adopt changes

MAYFIELD – The Mayfield school board may decide Tuesday whether to adopt revised policies for the code of conduct and interscholastic athletics and revised regulations for athletics and extracurricular activities.

On July 22, members of the Board of Education went through the first reading of the revised code of conduct.

High School Principal Robert Husain said the code had been in place for a number of years, and lawyers have gone through the document to keep it up to date.

Husain said additions to the code include prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity, gender expression, weight and physical appearance. He said these additions were in line with the state Dignity for All Students Act.

“Those are some of the aspects of the new law,” Husain last month. “Much of our code of conduct already was represented in that law. We have a really good code of conduct.”

Husain is leaving the district at the end of summer to become director of pupil services at Shaker High School in Latham. The board last month appointed Assistant Principal Chris Wojeski to the post, effective Sept. 1.

The Dignity For All Students Act, signed into law in 2010, says students are entitled to a “safe and supportive environment free from discrimination, intimidation, taunting, harassment and bullying on school property, a school bus and/or at a school function.”

The measure calls for awareness and sensitivity regarding people of all races, weights, national origin, ethnicity, religions, mental or physical abilities, sexes, sexual orientation, gender identities and expressions.

Another major change in the code – Section V: Student Safety and Prohibition of Violence, Harassment, Bullying and Cyberbullying – includes measures that cover social media.

“That is an entirely new addition to the code of conduct,” Wojeski said.

In July, Board of Education Member Joan Scannell was curious about when an issue online would become the school’s problem. Wojeski said it becomes a school issue once it begins to affect a child’s education.

Husain said research was done into other districts’ conduct policies.

“A lot of the language is very, very similar,” Husain said.

He said the document will be made available to parents and students.

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