Well aware of the dangers animals face

In response to the letter from Bertha Kenyon regarding captive exotic animals:

Yes, I did read all the letters in The Leader-Herald. For the record, I do not know any of you. Yes, I am very aware of the dangers exotic animals face in captivity and in their native/wild habitat, and very aware of what humans do to animals. I am well aware of what poachers do. I stand by the information I provided.

I work in an animal emergency room and have more information available to me than most people. We treat all kinds of animals and work with rehabilitators. I also stand by my opinion. No one “fed” me information.

I am a member of the N.C. Tiger Rescue and contribute to sponsor “Jellybean,” a white tiger.

For me, it is not about whatever the issue is with neighbors and/or real estate. I could care less as far as that issue is concerned.

In my letter, I tried not to do any finger-pointing or ridicule anyone specific, did not mention any names, etc. I tried to keep it focused on the topic and to the point.

A couple of days after my letter appeared in the newspaper, a man called an animal hospital I once worked at identifying himself as the owner of the tigers in question. He was belligerent, angry and threatening. He would not believe the receptionist when she told him I did not work there. He demanded to know where he could find me.

I cannot provide more information as I was advised by law enforcement not to.


Zebulon, N.C.