Give study green light

Many questions need to be answered about the proposed bypass from Thruway Exit 28 in Fultonville to Route 30A near the Johnstown Industrial Park.

We hope the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors at least will let local residents get some answers by approving a study of the connector-highway concept.

The federal government agreed to pay $400,000 for the study if the counties contributed $100,000. Fulton County decided to pay the entire $100,000 in June because Montgomery County was apprehensive about paying its $50,000 share for the study.

The study cannot move forward unless Montgomery County signs the contract because the counties applied for the funding together.

According to the Federal Highway Administration website, the money will “help study the proposed Fonda Connector Project in Montgomery and Fulton counties by identifying a preferred route, performing preliminary engineering and preparing a project cost estimate.”

Some local officials say the highway would improve access to the proposed Tryon Technology Park and Incubator Center in Perth. They also say it also would reduce the commercial truck traffic in the villages of Fultonville and Fonda. This traffic has created safety concerns, air pollution, noise, vibration and congestion. The heavy truck traffic also takes a toll on the local roads.

We know officials in Fulton and Montgomery counties have not always worked well together. However, what happened in the past must stay in the past.

The bypass is about the future. Local officials owe it to their constituents to at least study the proposal before they decide whether it’s worthwhile.