Carbon tax just hot air

In response to Elli Sparks’ letter to the editor and this so-called proposed carbon tax: Please tell us how the climate impacted the water evaporating?

People need water to drink, and population growth takes from that very water source. Do you also propose reducing the population?

The Earth runs in cycles and people get too comfortable with having it all. If you want to raise the cost of living, do it with your paycheck, not mine. There are resources that will put people to work without bankrupting this economy all for the sake of a little carbon in the air.

What do we do when the sun does not shine? How do solar panels work then? You plan on running a city on batteries? New energy should be considered, but do not raise the cost of goods/services just so you can force people to accept a theory.

Get some reality and go run for Congress; they all seem to have the same agenda as yourself.


Manassas, Va.