Cheers and jeers

CHEERS – To allowing no barriers. Town of Broadalbin Code Enforcement Officer David Edwards recently received a complaint from resident Russell Dickson regarding the lack of fencing around an in-ground swimming pool on the property of Dickerson’s neighbor, Joe DiGiacomo. The code officer did his job, assessing the situation and issuing a citation to DiGiacomo, who is the town of Broadalbin supervisor. Edwards did the right thing, even if it puts him in an awkward situation. The supervisor’s failure to realize for 15 years a fence was required is a bit hard to believe. The state regulations are clear.

CHEERS – To respecting the Constitution. U.S. District Judge Shira A. Scheindlin’s ruling the controversial New York City law known as “stop and frisk” is unconstitutional should be regarded with respect. Law enforcement may need a way to be able to detain or pat down a suspicious person, but this must be done without violating constitutional rights. In her ruling, the judge said the program amounted to “indirect racial profiling” by targeting blacks and Hispanics disproportionate to their populations. Authorities must balance public safety and preservation of people’s rights and freedoms carefully.

JEERS – To a lack of civility. During election season, we often see a degree of vandalism and theft of political signs. It’s happened already in the Gloversville mayoral race. A billboard placed by candidate Mike Ponticello was defaced in such an inappropriate, disgusting manner that we chose not to publish any photo of it. Whoever was responsible for the deed joins a group of degenerates who continue to blacken the image of our area with vandalism. We hope the culprits are foolish enough to brag about what they did. If they are caught, we suggest authorities not only level criminal charges, but put the perpetrators’ images on a billboard for all to see.