Pan Am demolition cost increases

GLOVERSVILLE – The cost to remove asbestos at the former Pan American Tannery site on West Fulton Street increased by $38,000, but the city already had set aside enough money to cover the cost.

The city is tearing down the old tannery building at 312 W. Fulton St. because the building was falling down and posed a danger. The city has budgeted $186,000 to demolish the building and cap the site. The city is preparing the site for possible future development.

City Department of Public Works Director Kevin Jones notified the Common Council this week the city hired Two Brothers Contracting for $88,400 to remove asbestos from the site.

The company is removing asbestos in the roof.

“The truth of the matter is part of that roof was in good shape when they took [the asbestos] down and part of it was unsafe,” Jones said. “There is a metal roof deck there where the undersiding looks fine, but that building hasn’t been heated in over 10 years, so what has happened is moisture has gotten up under the roof and rotted the deck from the top side and no one could even tell that until they started taking it off and their shovels started going through the roof and onto the floor.”

He said Two Brothers Contracting will remove the roofing and the asbestos in it. The city will finish the rest of the demolition.

He said the work will cost an additional $38,000. The city already had set aside enough money to cover the cost, Finance Commissioner Bruce Van Genderen said.

“That money was designated five years ago for demolition and cleanup of the Pan Am site. This would just be a change-order of the contract,” Van Genderen explained.

The Common Council unanimously approved the change.

Jones previously said the city had an environmental consultant do a survey. The consultant estimated the asbestos-removal cost at $122,000.

“We are actually getting a good deal because we are getting the asbestos abatement taken care of and this additional work for about the price we thought it was going to be for just the general removal.”

Jones said after the removal is finished, the city will be able to complete the Pan Am project this year. The city will demolish the building and install a soil cap.

Jones said the soil cap only will be necessary on the vegetated and exposed soil areas.

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