Thanks to departments for blight work

We hear so many negative things about the city of Gloversville, like prosperity being low and taxes being high.

One of the byproducts of the current economy is that many houses are for sale and some are unoccupied. I have one such house next door to mine. It has been empty for about a year and upkeep by the previous owner or the bank has been lacking. I’m not sure who is responsible, but I took it upon myself to mow it a few times. I’m not sure that was legal, so this year I decided to call the city code enforcement folks. They were receptive to my concerns and went through whatever process required when a property is in violation (grass more than 9 inches tall, I believe). No action was taken by the responsible party within the prescribed period, so they passed the job along to the Department of Public Works. They took care of it and a little piece of blight is gone.

We are often quick to complain. We should be as quick to notice when something is done right.

My thanks to both departments. You have in some small way improved Gloversville.