Board: List of roads needed in plan

BROADALBIN – Town Board members said Tuesday they would not approve the Highway Superintendent’s spending plan for road repairs because it lacked precise information.

During Tuesday night’s board meeting, Highway Superintendent Lance Winney presented the plan, which would use CHIPS money to repair 8 1/2 miles of road. More than $157,000 is available, Winney said, but he cannot access the funds until the board approves his plan.

Winney said he brought the plan forward in May, but had not received an answer from the board.

Supervisor Joe DiGiacomo said the board would not approve the plan because it did not include the list of roads that would be repaired.

“It does not say what roads are reimbursable. It doesn’t say anything,” DiGiacomo said.

Winney said he is aware of what roads are reimbursable, due to discussions with state officials.

“If you don’t want to sign it, we will roll it over,” Winney said, meaning the money will be used next year.

DiGiacomo said a road plan should be in place for any repairs on any road.

“[The plan] didn’t have any specifics in it,” DiGiacomo said.

Winney said this morning he will file a list of roads once the spending plan is approved.