Q&A: Local artist to show work in Tuscany

CAROGA?LAKE?- Laurie D. Lundquist, a local health care consultant and budding artist, has been selected to show several of her paintings next month at an international art exhibition in Italy.

The biannual exhibit is hosted by the Museo d’Arte di Chianciano, a museum in the heart of Tuscany. More than 400 works of art from about 120 individual artists from around the world will be featured in the event from Sept. 7 to 14.

The Leader-Herald asked Lundquist a few questions as she prepares for the exhibition:?

The Leader-Herald:?How long have you lived in Caroga Lake, and what do you do for a living??

Laurie D. Lundquist:?I have owned the cottage in Caroga for about seven years. It was my grandfather’s since 1950. I am staying here for the summers and will be going to a warmer climate … maybe Florida, California or Europe?

I had an accident at work which left me disabled due to the injury of my spine. I started developing my own business when I realized I could no longer be a psychotherapist. My business is Love Gives Hope Inc. It is a consultancy business, and I want to promote health care and human rights.

I have been working on my business plan and part of that plan is to sell my artwork and a book I wrote titled “For Daughter, with Love!”

To assist women in America and throughout the world reach their full potential, I also have other continuing plans for an entire network; this is one of those steps.

LH:?How long have you been a painter, and how did you get involved in art in the first place??Have you had formal training as an artist?

LL:?Never had any formal training. Since I was a child, on and off, I just always loved to draw and paint.

I got [more] involved in it due to my injury, working on my hand coordination. I got more seriously involved in the arts, meeting others throughout the Internet world, who are artists and those advocating for human rights and health care.

LH:?How would you describe your art work?

LL: I believe it is contemporary. I draw and paint from my heart. I don’t like to just draw something. It must matter for some reason, and it just comes to me when I scribble and see it on paper.

I love charcoal. I am learning how to use oil. I am very good with figures and faces, but I am now learning how to paint and draw flowers. I am going to keep learning, and then onto landscapes and other things. I am hoping to sell prints of my artwork to assist with my business plans.

LH: How did you end up getting selected to show work in the Chianciano exhibit?

LL:?I have made friends with some international fine artists. One, named Mona Youssef, from Canada, asked if I would be interested, as she is going, and I applied and they selected me. The process took about a month or so. I was shocked! Some of these artists are very, very talented!

LH:?Is this your first overseas exhibition?

LL:?This is my first overseas exhibit, and I have never been to Italy before. I look forward to networking and perhaps exhibiting in other countries and in the United States.

I hope to learn more about the art world, and how artists can come together and assist with human rights and health care.

I am excited that I will walk on the soil of Italy, which is where some of my ancestors are from.

For more information about Laurie Lundquist and to view examples of her art, see