Poachers the real threat

In response to Susan Tennant’s letter to the editor, “Exotic cats belong in wild”:

I doubt that you ever read my letters about?Steve Salton or the one from Marilyn Greenhill – only the one from Camilla Tange.

It sounds more like someone is feeding you all that nonsense in your letter, because your information isn’t true.

My first letter stated Steve is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and the Feline Conservation Federation. Both his certificates are hanging on his wall for anybody to see. Also, the U.S. Department of Agriculture comes three times each year (with a veterinarian) to inspect everything to make sure it is up to code.

Steve, and people like him, doesn’t keep them as domesticated pets or for “the selfishness of a human being to have what they want.” These animals are on the endangered species list, and they are kept to protect them, not from other animals, but from poachers. Do you have any idea how much money they could get for the hide from Steve’s white tigers? Have you ever read about how poachers have decimated the elephant herds by killing them with machine guns and hand grenades just for the tusks so they can make ivory statues and illegally sell them to Catholic churches?

I don’t know who has been feeding you your information, but you haven’t been reading all the letters. Before you essentially condemn Steve, you should get your story straight. But I guess you don’t care if these animals get killed off, or that gorillas get killed just for their hands, or how they club the baby seals to death, and how other animals get decimated by poachers.

Steve has 10 acres he has always used as a farm by having horses, donkeys, geese, etc. The town never told him it was classified as “residential” until Russell Builders couldn’t sell its $500,000 house. Why didn’t the Town Board tell Steve he could have any farm animals in a residential area? Or when he got his first exotic animal in 1997? Or his tigers and leopards in 2007? Now they should grandfather him in – it wasn’t made residential until 2005.