Do homework, ask questions before voting

This is not a letter to tell you whom to vote for. It is a letter to ask you to do your homework before you vote.

While there are people out there who are not residents of the city of Gloversville writing letters to give Mayor Dayton King their support, I am a resident of the city. There are three people running for mayor this year – King, Michael Ponticello and Jim Handy. It is our duty as residents of this city to elect who we feel will help this city prosper and grow.

While my vote is not for Mayor King this coming election, let me just tell you why you should do your homework and ask yourself many questions before you place your vote.

We need fresh ideas, someone who will not misuse city funds, someone who will work for the city and not have everyone else doing the work, then claim credit for it.

For example, the new Walmart Supercenter: That project, from what I understand, started years ago when the mayor was Frank LaPorta. The animal shelter: That was helped by a $20,000 private donation, and Cynthia Morey got it started. It was then completed with the help of 4th?Ward Councilwoman Ellen Anadio and the Regional Animal Shelter.

We need someone who will control the blight problem in our city as well. If you drive up and down our city streets, you will notice many houses that need to be torn down, as well as many that need the garbage removed off the property by the homeowners. Why is nothing being done about this, especially the out-of-town landlords who just want to collect their rent and do nothing?

Also, the Transit System was awarded about $539,000, which King said he could not use, so he sent it back. The list is endless.

Whoever you vote in, though, remember: The members of city government cannot do it all on their own. The residents also have to play a part in keeping this city thriving and helping to keep it clean. We don’t need citizens who are not residents of Gloversville telling us who we should vote for, especially when they do not see all that goes on here.

I remember a time when people took pride in Gloversville and did their part. I would like to see it happen again.