Legislation would address climate change

Thank you for your editorial concerning environmental regulations costing jobs. You are right, the new regulations will cost jobs in coal mining, coal transport and coal export.

However, upstate New York recently suffered from excessive rain and flooding. The governor had to ask for help from FEMA. And it took a long time for the federal government to respond, creating anxiety. Why do you value coal jobs more than the safety, security, health, happiness and well-being of local residents?

There is clear evidence that mining coal, coal burning and coal exportation causes climate change. There is clear evidence that as climate change worsens, areas that have never experienced severe flooding will get more intense dangerous rains and flooding.

Why should coal jobs take precedence over citizens’ rights to live in peace and security?

If you object to the way EPA regulations seem to be directed at coal rather than affecting all producers of greenhouse gas emissions equally, please investigate legislative solutions to climate change that are more fair than regulations.

Regulations are clunky. There are many ways Congress could address climate change more equitably and protect the people of New York state from flooding, the people of Colorado, Arizona, Nevada and California from extreme wildfires, and the people of the Midwest from derechos. However, Congress has so far refused to consider the issue.

Please ask readers to register their protests about the regulations with U.S. Rep. Bill Owen and Sens. Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand. Readers should ask them to fight the war against carbon pollution and climate change with fair legislation that could use the free market instead of regulations. Congress can make legislation against carbon pollution in ways that would create new jobs in clean energy and stimulate the economy so we can live and work in security.

Regulations to fight climate change: expensive and unfair.

Congressional legislation to stop climate change: priceless.


Member of Citizens Climate Lobby